Unique Products & Surface Applications

If you’re interested in the benefit of an integrated solid surface sink, but are in the market for natural stone or quartz, there’s no longer a dilemma.  Our skilled fabricators can integrate solid surface sinks into natural stone and quartz surfacing.  You CAN have the best of both worlds!

Solid surface shower doors
are great especially for homes with well-water that have high amounts of calcium.  Unlike aluminum, the calcium deposits won’t stick to the solid surface and will maintain their beauty year after year.  As a matter of fact, the green doors you see on the left have been installed and used every day for 17 years!

Now that you’ve decided on solid surface shower doors, how about shower walls and a shower pan, all made out of solid

surface?  You’ll have the luxury of easy-to-maintain beauty throughout your


Shower seats, like the one on the left, can also be added as can tub surrounds and faces.

Is white brick feasible for a kitchen backsplash when there’s cooking oils & water splashes?  It is when they’re made out of solid surface!  Give your kitchen a unique look with a backsplash that has the beauty of bricks without the hard-to-clean grout!

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